Things to Do - Snow Days, Part I


Prior to last week, Arlington county canceled school six times because of snow. So when a new storm moved in last Sunday night even the kids lacked enthusiasm for more time spent in PJs, especially since school was already closed on Thursday and Friday for teacher workdays.

At first, much like the children, I couldn't find motivation to do much of anything, but then I realized that (hopefully) last week's storm marked the end of a winter spent (mainly) indoors. So I decided to photograph our days inside - art projects, sword fights, a full table at lunch (wow, 7 kids eat A LOT of food), fire trucks, books on the couch, songs co-authored with friends, etc.

And documenting snow days #7 and 8, really did make me appreciate them more. Though don't get me wrong, I'm MORE THAN READY for spring.


Nothing like one ipad and six kids, I probably should have just turned on a tv for them, but I hoped they'd become bored with the small screen and play for awhile.

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