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Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving? We hosted all the grandparents for a big turkey dinner (Dan cooked, I "helped"), which made for a lovely Thursday. Dan roasted a Kelly Bronze turkey, which sounded like an incredibly prentenious piece of poultry, but it tasted fantastic and only took 2 hours to cook. F's addicted to Apples to Apples Junior , so we played a few rounds of that; though I think I prefer Qwirkle . And we spent a lot of time just reading and vegging on the couch.

Today This Untamed Life is posting "thankful" images and I think this photo says a lot: family, turkey hats, sunsets, and photo bombs. What isn't there to love?

I couldn't get it together to post random links on Friday, so I'm posting them today (because after a 5 day weekend, we all need a little randomness to start our week).



* Buying the farm, building the subdivision. These photos are fantastic.

* Yay!! And Super Yay!!

* I just started listening to Serial (thanks Where the Watermelon Grows for the recommendation) and now I'm all about podcasts. Here are 7 others that are supposed to be pretty good.

* A 1970s letter from Lego to parents (link via Miss Moss).

* Have you heard about Arthur the dog yet? His story (of course) made me cry (happy tears).

* Ice crystals on bubbles. So so pretty.

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