Things to Make - Everyday Advent Calendar (2014)

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For the past three years, I've made the kids an "everyday advent calendar" to count down the days til Christmas (click here to see previous calendars). I almost skipped this year, as the children become older we don't craft as much as used to. Plus every year I find it more and more challenging to find things that all three of them enjoy. But, this is my one dorky parental indulgence of the holiday season (well, and Santa hats). I sort of love putting it together and watching them unwrap a new "surprise" every morning. Here's the 2014 list, let's hope they like it:

December 1 - Let's make new friends. [Okay, so I sort of splurged here, but lately all three of my kids are into Lego Friends, so this seemed like an easy pick.]

December 2 - Let's create together.

December 3 - Let's make cookies together.

December 4 - Let's wii together. [Our old wii sports is scratched beyond use and Dan really wanted a new copy, so this is really for him (surprise honey!)]

December 5 - Let's tell jokes together.

December 6 - Let's watch a movie together (Elf).

December 7 - Let's play a new game together [we're like the only people I know who don't own Uno].

December 8 - Let's make (salt dough) ornaments together.

December 9 - Let's buy things for each other [each kids receives money for sibling gifts].

December 10 - Let's go ice skating together.

December 11 - Let's make snowflakes together.

December 12 - Let's be funny together.

December 13 - Let's help people together [each child receives money for the Gifts That Give Hope Gift Fair].

December 14 - Let's watch a movie together (The Christmas Story).

December 15 - Let's make gingerbread houses together.

December 16 - Let's look at Xmas lights and drink hot cocoa together.

December 17 - Let's make body scrubs for teachers' gifts together [click here for recipe].

December 18 - Let's watch a movie together (Muppet Christmas Carol [Netflix streaming] ).

December 19 - Let's party on the solstice together.

December 20 - Let's read together [books to be determined, though this one looks pretty awesome].

December 21 - Let's play a new game together.

December 22 - Let's be silly together.

December 23 - Let's watch a movie together (White Christmas [Netflix streaming]).

December 24 - Let's make cookies for Santa together.

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  1. I love your Advent calendar! I usually do a mix of treats (edible and nonedible) and activities in ours, but I have so many dates jumbling in my head, I wasn't sure when we could definitely do certain things. It's all treats this year. The girls will love it, of course, but I'm disappointed by it. It's more of a "spoil the kids" calendar, this year. :/



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