Things to Do - 12 in 12 (December 2014)

Now that I can't walk or drive (annoying broken foot), my days have slowed down considerably. I have a lot of work I should be doing - finishing up final edits from end of November photoshoots, reworking my website to showcase newer photos, newsletters, business cards, taxes, branding. But I don't have a laptop and I'm supposed to keep my foot elevated as much as possible. So I took the week off . . .

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twelve (2 of 9)

7:45 am - Our elf isn't as creative as some of the other elfs out there, but at least he moves around a lot.

twelve (1 of 9)

8:15 am - The kids unwrap fake mustaches for day 12 of the countdown to Christmas. These prove to be a HUGE success.

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8:45 am - My friend picks the kids up to walk them to school, since I can't really move that well.


9:15 am - I elevate my foot and finish the last episode of Puberty Blues, Season 2 on Hulu (probably the best show ever on TV, you can read my review of Season 1 here).

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11:45 am - My friend, Ann, picks me up for lunch at Busboys and Poets.


1:30 pm - Back on the couch. This time I alternate between reading The Paying Guestsand watching Broad City on Amazon Prime (that show is HYSTERICAL!!)

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2:30 pm - Take a selfie of myself on the couch, just to take a picture of something.

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3:45 pm - F makes root beer floats for everyone after school.

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4:30 pm - Kelly picks us up to drive to playgroup. Unlike us, she has TVs in her car, which enchant my children. (I know you can't see the whole ensemble that well in this photo, but there is NOTHING in the world cuter than a toddler in a shark jacket/costume).


6:30 pm - Friday night playgroup at Julia's. Wonderful salad, wonderful friends.

twelve (8 of 9)

8:00 pm - Drive by some crazy Xmas lights on the way home. Apparently the house has its own AM station, but we just stay long enough to get the general idea.

twelve (9 of 9)

9:00 pm - P trying to delay bedtime for just a few minutes more.

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