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We've had this plastic playhouse since the girls were toddlers. They haven't used it in years and I've tried to give away, but nobody seems to want it. So we keep it in the backyard, mainly because we're too lazy to cart it off to Goodwill. Then the other day, T and his friends reassembled it and a fort was born.

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Doesn't it look so cute? The boys playing with stuffed animals. Little did you realize, they're actually a warrior army, trained to attack pretty much anything. Childhood always looks more adorable from a bird's eye view.

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* The best pull on pants for Thanksgiving and beyond. I think I need a few pairs.

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* Wouldn't these custom family portraits make a wonderful Xmas gift?

* I don't know what the answer is and I offer no solutions, but if these photos don't break your heart, then something is wrong with you.

* Everyone loves bacon - the book.

* I loved reading Kelly Hampton's post on marriage.

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