Things to Do - One Sentence A Day (1st Grade Version)

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This year, T's needed a little extra help with his reading, so every morning he goes to school thirty minutes early for one-on-one tutoring. The lessons have been super helpful, we couldn't be happier.

During tutoring, one of T's daily activities is to tell his teacher a sentence, which she then writes down and cuts into pieces. For homework, T reconstructs his sentence.

An added benefit is that T's sentences have become the perfect diary of our lives. Every evening, Dan and I look forward to the newest addition. My favorites are highlighted below.

10/16 - I tripped over a cushion and I splattered my face.

10/19 - I went to Cox Farms but it was too crowded.
10/20 - I had fun when I played tennis with my dad.
10/21 - I went to a battlefield and it was fun.
10/22 - I am good at defense in soccer.

10/26 - I went to a block party.
10/27 - I am leaving early to go to Cox Farms.
10/28 - My dog is lazy because she is old.

11/2 - I went trick or treating with my friends.
11/4 - I was stung by a yellow jacket.
11/5 - I went to see Antman because my mom didn't have dinner ready.
11/6 - I have my sister's birthday party today.

11/9 - I raked leaves at a a playdate and got eight dollars.
11/10 - I was fast asleep when my dad woke me up.
11/11 - Today Graham and Ian are coming to my house.
11/13 - Yesterday my grandma came from Richmond.

11/16 - My sister broke her arm in soccer. [Actually, it was her collarbone, but yes, poor F, someone crashed into her during a soccer game. Though on the upside, F was goalie and she saved the ball.]
11/17 - Yesterday I got Arnie the Donut and Laurie Keller signed it.

Anyways, sorry for the lack of posts lately. But the sentences above provide a great summary of our lives these days!

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