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I don't know about the rest of you, but I always feel rather down in January. The days just seem to sort of pass, with no exclamation marks.

Oh well, yesterday was my 40th birthday, I know I'm supposed to have something insightful and wonderful to say about this milestone, but I'm not feeling it lately. Luckily, my party is this weekend and five of my best friends are coming in from out of town to help celebrate (seriously, how cool is that?). I'm making jello shots because the best way to deal with 40 is to pretend you're 20 for a night, right?

Happy weekend everyone! Don't forget to check out this week's awesome on Cherish This Day.


* Looks Like Film's 2015 Artists of the Year.

* Tina Fey and Amy Poehler - making the world better one quote at a time.

* The happiest country in the world. Who knew?

* 421 amazing photos. SO. MUCH. INSPIRATION!!!

* The goop 2016 detox. I think this might have to happen. And Gwyneth is the detox master.

* Probably because I just turned 40, I have some serious nostalgia cravings lately. And this did the trick. John Ritter was crazy funny.

* New York Time's list of 52 places to go in 2016. I wish I could travel all the time! But on the upside, DC is #26, so I guess I can't complain.

* My favorite Taylor Swift song of all time now has a video, I'm a little in awe of her.

* Games to play with your children in which you barely have to move or talk. Awesome and funny.

* Winter salads. YUM!!!

* These photos make me wish we would have spent more time in Venice, but it's SO EXPENSIVE to stay there.

* I bought myself this book for my birthday. And this book too (to read with the girls at night).

* Vintage Star Wars behind the scenes.

* I really want this shirt, but I think it's sort of overpriced, so I'm waiting for a sale that will probably never happen.

* Violent Femme's first album in 15 years has a catchy new single.

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  1. aaaaah you got the book!!!!!!! I can't wait to hear about your reaction!! Happy Birthday again!! 40's! I'm 5 yrs older than you are, fair lady. I feel like I lose maturity with each passing year - I certainly care less about what people think with each passing year. Wish I had my 26 year old body, because it worked pretty flawlessly and the one I have now DOES NOT. Ok enough old lady complaining! Those games made me laaaaaaugh. I used to play the sick patient one with Julia when she was tiny. I'd play anything that involved me being able to lie down! Hilarious.



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