Things to Do - Grateful List (December 2015) & Cherish This Day

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HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!! Doesn't January seem so mellow all of a sudden? And cold. The photo above is from our trip to the Cloisters in NYC (one of the coolest places I've ever visited). I'll have more photos up on Monday. In the meantime, have a fantastic weekend and don't forget to check out this week's awesome on Cherish This Day!

* Reading My Brilliant Friend: Neapolitan Novels, Book One (so. so. good)
* Reading Early Warning
* Reading The Princess Bride to the girls at night
* Listening to Leon Bridge's album Coming Home
* Watching Pixels for family movie night
* Watching Brooklyn, the movie
* Attending Bright Star at the Kennedy Center (so catchy for a musical!)
* Attending the Renwick's Wonder exhibit
* Attending Second City at the Arlington Drafthouse with half our neighborhood (I love where we live)

* Bayou Bakery's turmeric tea and biscuit sandwiches
* The new Chipolte on Columbia Pike
* Dan's Xmas Eve and Xmas feasts
* Everyday Detox tea
* Texas Jack's BBQ (so. so. good)

* Our new Amazon Echo
* Playing Monopoly Here and Now World Edition Board Game (so much shorter/better than "real" Monopoly)
* Playing Lanterns The Harvest Festival Board Game
* Playing Splendor Board Game
* Playing Tokaido Board Game (I went a little crazy with new board games this month)
* Sephora's overnight face masks
* My Christmas coupon book from F

VACATION [4 days in NYC before Xmas]
* Visiting Grounds for Sculpture in New Jersey on our way to NYC
* Pizza and wine at Jenny's house
* Dinner at the Foragers' Table on the solstice
* The Cloisters (seriously, this place is so so cool)
* The kids always calling it the "great" M&M store (possibly T's favorite place in the world; I do not understand how this can be)
* We finally rode the subway!
* Attending Something Rotten on Broadway (the kids laughed and laughed)
* Audio tours at the Met (we could have stayed all day)

* T's cardboard box town
* Straight As for both girls and straight Ps for T (1st graders don't receive A,B,C letter grades)
* Errands, workouts, and relaxation
* Dan Xmas lighting the outside of our house
* Hosting our first game night and playing Celebrity
* Decorating the tree with the kids (they get so into it)
* T and his friends wearing Santa hats everywhere
* F donating her hair to locks of love and three great short haircuts for F, P, and me from Sharon (seriously, best hairdresser ever)
* T and his friends' new fort on the side of our house (they have a blast out there)
* The kids' responses to the new Star Wars movie: F - "Mom, it passed the Bechdel test! It passed!"; T - "Mom, everyone in that movie was so old. Like, really really old."; P - "It was good, I guess."
* Xmas with my mom and our close friends and our vodka induced dance party
* F, P, and T all buying each other (thoughtful) gifts
* T constantly reading books to my mom
* F making everyone eggs
* T - "My new years resolution is to get more candy and an ipod."
* Our 4 house progressive party to ring in the 2016


F - a nice house to live in and food to eat, my family, the Broadway play, Xmas

P - seeing the new Star Wars movie with dad on opening night, Xmas, snuggles, dogs, reading the Princess Bride together, NYE

T - that tomorrow school is out, that I can read Elephant and Piggie by myself, Star Wars, reading Grandma T books, my fort


  1. so tell me more about the Echo..what do you use it for? I have been thinking its cool, but not sure how much i'd get out of it...

    We went to NYC for 2 days after xmas - AWESOME time to go - lots of free stuff (we looked at store windows and other lights for hours!)

  2. The Echo is basically a stand up Siri that the whole family can use. It's great for music and NPR and checking the weather. It has a lot of other functions but we don't use them that much. On the downside, sometimes she has a hard time hearing us and plays the wrong thing.
    I love NYC, I sort of wish we would have waited until after Xmas. Going before Xmas made us exhausted before break really even got started!



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