Things to Do - Grateful List (June 2016) & Cherish This Day

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HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE!! Don't forget to check out this week's awesome on Cherish This Day!

* Watching Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory for family movie night (Dan had never seen it)
* Watching Bloodline, Season 2 (so addictive!)
* Watching UnReal
* Attending the Cure concert at Merriweather (the parking situation was a nightmare, but the 3 hour show was pretty incredible)
* Attending Lord Heron and Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats for date night at Wolftrap (plus there was a rainbow!)
* Attending Paul Simon for date night at Wolftrap
* Attending the Awesome workshop!!
* P loving the Ms. Marvel comics

* Lunch with Linda at Le Pain Quotidien
* A weeknight Chipotle picnic at Hains Point as a family
* Lemonade with fresh mint
* Moms' lunch at Tupelo Honey for the last week of school
* Ending the month having dinner at Chaplins with Shannon and Amy

* My new running shoes

* A lazy, much-needed, beach day at Flag Ponds (Lusby, MD)
* Late afternoons at the pool (the kids swim, while I read/sleep in the shade)

* After a very rainy May a month of sunshine!
* 5 awesome family photoshoots!
* Jenny, Paras, and the kids visiting (though I wish they'd stayed longer)
* The girls playing their last soccer games on adjacent fields (we sat in the middle and watched both games, how awesome is that?) and both teams won.
* T - "Mom likes to plan vacations but she does't really like to plan anything else." (so true)
* T surprising us all by cleaning the bathroom
* Dan planning T's birthday sleepover while I was out of town
* Fireflies!!
* T's new mohawk
* The girls watching Brainpops on their school iPads because there's no TV on weekdays during the school year (now they know a little bit about a lot of random stuff)
* Dinner with Jim and Val before they leave again (having friends in the foreign service is hard - so many goodbyes!)
* Driving to the pool with a giant unicorn on top of our car (the kids thought it was awesome), I bought the unicorn on amazon and didn't realize how big it was
* Playing spoons with T (this is his new favorite game)
* Our annual last-day-of-school solstice party (bigger than ever)

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