Things to Eat - Seven Week Meal Plan (late May/June/early July)

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The last few weeks/months our meals have been embarrassingly lazy and I debated whether or not to post a meal plan. But (odd as it may sound) these food posts have become a diary of sorts, so i figured I'd share the good times and the really-you-ate-that-for-dinner? times. Because sometimes lazy meals mean a great life.

On the upside, we had a Chipotle picnic at Hains Point (photographed above), which I thought was the perfect way to bond as a family. But everyone else seems to prefer eating at home. Sadness. Oh well, we'll celebrate golden hour one way or another, just maybe not with food :)


MONDAY - Cilantro lime grilled chicken thighs (recipe via FoodieCrush, link via Not-So-SAHM). I'm mixed on this one, I love cilantro but the honey in the marinade made this a little too sweet for my taste.

TUESDAY - Dinner out with friends; hot dogs for the kids and Dan

WEDNESDAY - Dinner at the Edward Sharpe concert (carry out Taylor Gourmet); mac and cheese for the kids

THURSDAY - Quinoa tomato/cucumber/arugula salad (recipe here); pierogies for the kids.

FRIDAY - Dinner out in Charlottesville (sangria and tacos!) before the Josh Ritter concert. My in-laws feed the kids (THANK YOU!).

SATURDAY - Beach vacation with friends, all we are responsible for is breakfast on Sunday (yay for big groups of awesome!!)

SUNDAY - Beach vacation with friends, Jenny's shrimp boil.


MONDAY - Beach vacation with friends, Megan's tacos.

TUESDAY - Beach vacation with friends, leftovers.

WEDNESDAY - Dinner out in Nags Head (yum, fried green tomatoes).

THURSDAY - Chick-fil-a on the drive home.

FRIDAY - Quinoa tomato/cucumber/arugula salad (recipe here); mac and cheese for the kids.

SATURDAY - Jenny and Paras in town - flank steaks on the grill with chimichuri sauce (via It's All Good). Hot dogs for the kids. Watermelon salad (via vervlogen) without the feta.

SUNDAY - Sheet pan chicken tikka (via Smitten Kitchen). This has turned into a go-to recipe.


MONDAY - Pasta with eggplant spaghetti sauce (via Food 52: Genius Recipes). I love this sauce, absolutely love. (Though the kids still like plain marinara).

TUESDAY - Dinner at the Lord Huron concert (carry out Taylor Gourmet), the kids have pasta at home.

WEDNESDAY - Bacon, avocado, almond butter sandwiches (via It's All Easy). The kids opt for grilled cheese.

THURSDAY - Dinner at Silver Diner for T's birthday.

FRIDAY - Dinner at the Awesome Workshop (Dan feeds the kids).

SATURDAY - Dinner at the Awesome Workshop (Dan feeds the kids).

SUNDAY - Leftovers from the Awesome Workshop.


MONDAY - Chipotle picnic at Hains Point

TUESDAY - Quinoa tomato/cucumber/arugula salad (recipe here); mac and cheese for the kids.

WEDNESDAY - Black bean nachos (yes, super lazy).

THURSDAY - Dan grills chicken (yum!)

FRIDAY - Make your own pizza night (using Trader Joe's premade dough). This worked perfect as the girls both has friends over and this is an easy way to feed (and entertain) a group of kids.

SATURDAY - I have a photoshoot, Dan picks up carry out hogies for everyone.

SUNDAY - Fathers' Day dinner at William Jeffrey's.


MONDAY - I have a photoshoot; Dan makes dinner for him and the kids.

TUESDAY - Friends over for dinner (belated Father's Day meal) - rosemary lamb chomps from Trader Joe's with sweet and sticky tomato onion bake (recipe here).

WEDNESDAY - The Cure concert at Merriweather Post, so I make Bon Appetit's broccoli quinoa salad with pistachios (via Bon Appetite) for a super early dinner; kids eat mac and cheese.

THURSDAY - I know this is super lazy, but just spaghetti because I am exhausted.

FRIDAY - Our annual summer solstice/last day of school block party; Dan makes venison gumbo.

SATURDAY - Dan's parents for dinner - Dan grills chicken, hot dogs and sausages. I make a simple salad.

SUNDAY - More bbq on the grill with roasted veggies too.


MONDAY - Paul Simon at Wolftrap; pizza for the kids; Taylor Gourmet take out for us.

TUESDAY - Carnitas in the slow cooker for tacos.

WEDNESDAY - Spinach/walnut/basil pesto with zucchini noodles (via It's All Easy).

THURSDAY - Dinner out with Shannon at Chaplins. Make your own pizza night for Dan and the kids.

FRIDAY - Flank steaks on the grill with chimichuri sauce (via It's All Good).

SATURDAY - BBQ at a friends' house.

SUNDAY - Dan smokes chicken and salmon. YUM!


MONDAY - Dan makes grilled corn, leftover smoked fish/chicken, and blueberry cobbler for a very rainy 4th of July. Awesomeness!

TUESDAY - Huge salad, french fries, and more leftover smoked salmon and chicken.

WEDNESDAY - Bob Dylan at Wolftrap; Taylor Gourmet take out for us; mac and cheese for the kids.

THURSDAY - Dinner out with friends at Pepita Cantina. Spaghetti for the kids and Dan.

FRIDAY - I have to work (real estate photos), Dan makes the kids spaghetti (yes, two nights in a row, I think we're ready for vacation).

SATURDAY - Flank steaks on the grill with chimichuri sauce (via It's All Good). This appears to be our go-to recipe this summer.

SUNDAY - Leave for vacation, dinner on the road!

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