Things to Watch - Netflixing (January 2015)

So I was prepared to write a whole post about the different shows we as a family are watching on Netflix, but that will have to wait til next month because Making a Murderer requires its own blog post. Have you seen it?

I was so thoroughly convinced of Steven Avery's innocence that I couldn't sleep for hours after every episode. I was furious. I was angry. I wanted to move to Europe. I wanted to glitter bomb Wisconsin. I wanted to cry.

But now I'm SO CONFUSED!! The story keeps getting more and more complex.
Like this interview, WHAT? And then there are these new facts.

Though even if Avery is shadier than we/I thought, there's still the Brendan Dassey issue - in which police officers lead a mentally handicapped teenager into a false confession. And the whole series begins with the fact that the police department knowingly let an innocent man sit in jail.

Anyways, if you haven't seen it - you need to to watch. Just read these quotes for some good teasers -

* “Poor people lose. Poor people lose all the time” —Steven Avery, talking to his parents from jail

* “Who better than a police officer would know how to frame somebody?” —Jerry Buting, co-defense counsel for Steven Avery

* “This is truly where the devil resides in comfort. I can find no good in any member. These people are pure evil. A friend suggested this is a one-branch family tree. Cut this tree down. We need to end the gene pool here.” —Kachinsky’s defense investigator Michael O’Kelly, in an email to Kachinsky

* “Most of what ails our criminal justice system lie in unwarranted certitude on the part of police officers and prosecutors and defense lawyers and judges and jurors that they are getting it right. That they are simply right. Just a tragic lack of humility in everyone who participates in our criminal justice system” —Dean Strang

“You are probably the most dangerous individual ever to set foot in this courtroom” —Judge Patrick Willis, to Avery, at his sentencing


*** If you were addicted to Making a Murderer and Serial, here's a list of other true crime documentaries on Netflix. I haven't watched any yet, but I plan on checking several out soon.

*** And here's a list of seven PBS documentaries on similar issues.

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