Things to Eat - 6 Week Meal Plan (January/February 2017)

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Whenever I post meal plans, I have several people say to me, "wow, you must really love to cook." To which I reply, "Um, NO!!!!!!!"

I enjoy cooking, but no, I don't love it.

But I do love eating. And I love trying new foods. And I'm anti-pizza lately (sort of like watching the Bachelor, I reached a point where I couldn't watch another episode/look at another pizza menu, both seemed too reminiscent of Groundhog day).

So I cook. We cook. Everyone cooks. And, on the upside, I do love family dinner. So there's that.


MONDAY - Last meal salad (via The Sprouted Kitchen Bowl and Spoon) and hot dogs for the kids. This salad takes some work, but it's so so good.

TUESDAY - Turkey meatballs in tomato sauce (via The Sprouted Kitchen Bowl and Spoon). Making homemade meatballs takes some extra effort, but it is totally worth it. This is my "I feel like cooking" go-to meal.

WEDNESDAY - Sweet and sticky onion bake (recipe here).

THURSDAY - Lamb chops from TJ's (frozen section) and tomato/cucumber salad.

FRIDAY - Grilled cheese with bacon before F's basketball game.

SATURDAY - My family birthday dinner at Texas Jack's.

SUNDAY - Dan makes "a nice lasagna" (via Small Victories). Julia Turshen is amazing, I'll make whatever she creates.


MONDAY - I'm sick and Dan's out of town, F makes mac and cheese for all the kids (thank you honey!!).

TUESDAY - Burrito bowls (w/rice and black beans).

WEDNESDAY - Green salad (via The Forest Feast cookbook) and hot dogs. The kids are all in love with this salad, which is crazy good.

THURSDAY - One pan faro with tomatoes (via Smitten Kitchen, the blog) and brussels sprouts, apple, and pomegranate salad (via Smitten Kitchen, the blog). LOVED this dinner!!

FRIDAY - Dan make quesadillas.

SATURDAY - Dan makes Arroz con pollo (via Dinner a Love Story, the cookbook), while I photograph a 1 year old birthday party.

SUNDAY - Hamburgers and green salad (via The Forest Feast cookbook).

MONDAY - Leftovers.

TUESDAY - Polenta with tomato sauce & sausage.

WEDNESDAY - Green salad (via The Forest Feast cookbook) and hot dogs. Green salad continues to be a huge hit.

THURSDAY - Breakfast for dinner - pancakes (we love the recipe in Small Victories) and bacon.

FRIDAY - Frozen pizza.

SATURDAY - After march BBQ - hot dogs and hamburgers.

SUNDAY - Dan roasts chicken.


MONDAY - Moroccan spinach and chickpeas (via Moosewood). This is one of my favorite recipes. Nobody else in the family really likes it much (how is that possible?), so I try to make it when Dan's out of town and there are enough leftovers from other meals to feed the kids.

TUESDAY - Sausage and bell peppers in the crock pot with peach berry cobbler for dessert ("Dessert, on a weekday? Really?" - sometimes I like to wow my kids). The cobbler recipe is CRAZY EASY (via How to Celebrate Everything), F makes it on her own all the time now (because I guess we need more dessert).

WEDNESDAY - Black bean chilaquile (recipe here). This is one of my favorite recipes ever. And the kids love it too.

THURSDAY - Homemade sub sandwiches.

FRIDAY - Dinner at our neighbor's happy hour.

SATURDAY - Dan makes pork chops.

SUNDAY - Leftovers.


MONDAY - Orecchiette with sweet sausage bolognese (via How to Celebrate Everything). This is the perfect pasta recipe. Perfect.

TUESDAY - Chili in the crockpot.

WEDNESDAY - Baked potato bar (with left over chili) and brussels sprouts, apple, and pomegranate salad (via Smitten Kitchen, the blog).

THURSDAY - Leftovers.

FRIDAY - The kids all have dinner & sleepovers at friends' houses (yay!!), I make myself a salad for dinner.

SATURDAY - Lamb chops and asparagus risotto (all from TJs frozen aisle).

SUNDAY - Dan makes a huge tray of nachos for the super bowl.


MONDAY - Italian sausage stew with potatoes and cabbage (via Three Many Cooks, the blog). This is the best winter recipe, though we're not having much of a winter this year.

TUESDAY - Carnita bowls for Taco Tuesday (we made the carnitas in the crockpot).

WEDNESDAY - Dinner out with Shannon at Espita Mezcaleria (so so good!, I didn't want to leave). Dan makes dinner for himself and the kids.

THURSDAY - Nancy's chopped salad (via Smitten Kitchen, the blog), mac and cheese for the kids. Sometimes you want a really meaty salad. And when you do, this is the perfect recipe.

FRIDAY - Dan makes chicken and roasted potatoes.

SATURDAY - Leftovers.

SUNDAY - Dan makes homemade pizza and roasted cauliflower, feta, and orzo salad (salad recipe via Cravings, the cookbook). This was such a good dinner.

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