Things to Do - 5 Hours 'Til Bedtime and Random Links

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Happy Friday everyone!! Last weekend we rented a little cottage in the woods outside Meadows of Dan, VA and, if you ask me, it was the perfect family get away. A fireplace. Family boardgames. HGTV. Naps. Homemade cocktails. Walking through the forest with the dogs (no leashes!). A campfire at night.

If you ask the kids, they may say, "um, I'm not sure why we had to drive that far to not really do anything."

So goes my life. I try.

If you have a chance, click here to check out this week's awesome post on 5 Hours 'Til Bedtime.


* 2016's best installation art. Makes me want to travel.

* These "cozy" books sound perfect for winter!

* Putting a face to a comment - the new online crusaders.

* I kind of want to try introvert soap.

* The Adams' Family had a pink living room (who knew?).

* These movie posters are gorgeous.

* I want this calendar.

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