Places to Go - NYC Part II, The High Line

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Due to a late start and the need to continually stop to satisfy our baby's every desire, we made it to the Lincoln Tunnel in the heart of rush hour. That was fun (insert sarcasm). For the next (and most terrifying step), we drove a minivan through Times Square to reach our hotel (the Doubletree Suites). Finally we arrived, alive and well. But there was no time to chill, we NEEDED to make it to the High Line before dark.

This summer, the girls and I can't stop reading Peter Brown's fantastic story The Curious Garden, which centers around a little boy Liam, who transforms a city into a garden. Brown was inspired to write the book after visiting the new (and incredibly beautiful) High Line Park in NYC (where once there were train tracks, now there are gardens). Though I wouldn't exactly say that the park is for children, the girls (and the baby) made the best of it, running from garden to garden (or, for the baby, wobbling from garden to garden). Both the blossoms and the views were phenomenal, especially as dusk fell over the meatpacking district. If I lived in NYC, I'd go there all the time (seriously).

For more on the High Line, click here

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