Places to Go - NYC Part III, Central Park



Sunshine bear wanted to meet the wildlife of Central Park Zoo, as he's an adventurous sort. He tried to bond with the polar bear, but we wouldn't let him swim.



Must do - climb a rock in Central Park. A big rock.


MOMA (I love this place)

august14 (125 of 100)


Best craft project ever.

In taking the kids to NYC, my big hope was we'd make it back in one family piece (in other words, my expectations were not that high). But between the flashing lights & the M&M store across the street, my oldest daughter was amazed. She kept asking if we could move into one of the big buildings and spent a large part of the trip trying to decide which one (this, of course, made my younger daughter cry as she "never wants to leave our little house. not ever."). But the best part of all was that NYC has extremely large sidewalks, so large, in fact, that a family of five can walk everywhere and not have to make room for other people. ever. So we walked and walked as the kids continually stated "look over there, mom & dad. at THAT. no AT THAT. and what about that? no, now look the other way. No look up now. Now look over again. OVER. Mom, you're not looking the right way. THIS way." Somehow we managed to make it to Central Park (and watch the beautiful polar bear swim). Then later that day, I managed to escape kidville for a few hours and see the amazing women in photography exhibit at MOMA. AMAZING. As far as how to entertain five children in a hotel suite, Auntie Jenny came up with the best craft project ever.

For more on the MOMA exhibit:

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