Things to Make - Popsicles


The girls have been really interesting in cooking lately. Unfortunately, when kids talk about cooking, they usually mean baking (cookies, brownies, cupcakes, etc.) and, though I'm an okay cook, I'm not a very good baker (precise measurements seem to elude me, hence my failure as a scientist). Yet I don't want to discourage my kids from learning how to use a kitchen. The solution? Popsicles. The perfect summer treat. Plus, making our own popsicles helped us use up some of the excess peaches from our CSA. Further, since fruit and yogurt are the only ingredients (and a little sugar), I let the kids eat the popsicles for breakfast. They feel super cool and I feel like they're eating something mainly healthy. It's a win win.

We started by using this recipe, then deviated by trying different kinds of fruit.


  1. Awesome idea, Sophia always makes these inedible concoctions with salt, sugar, honey, water and maybe a strawberry or some other fruit. I agree that I hate to discourage her from wanting to cook so we'll try these...

  2. YAY!!! My first comment - lucky you live so far away or i'd probably come to work and hug you!!

  3. Brilliant! And good point about breakfast. Sadly, this morning it was pudding ("TWO puddings!") in our house. Hopefully there was some milk in there, along with all the preservatives and other crap . . . .

    By the way, where'd you get the popsicle trays? The ones we tried were failures. Everything got stuck.

  4. wow, two whole comments - this is awesome!! Thanks guys!

    Deb- here's a link to the popsicle tray (from amazon) -

    you have to run them under warm water for a bit - but all in all they work pretty well!!



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