Places to Go - Nags Head, NC (Part II)

beach round 1

For the first few days, we all enjoyed a relaxing beach vacation. Luckily, huge tide pools formed in front of our house. In the morning and evening, each one was about the size of a small baby pool. And all three kids loved them. P tried to "surf" in their non-waves. T (the baby) carried his shovel into them and tried to dig up all sand in site. And F, our oldest, collected bucket after bucket of seashells. By day two, F had a "beach outfit" which lasted the entire trip, consisting of a visor, a ball, binoculars, and a towel (the baby often fought her for the ball). And, since the tidepools were so shallow, I could actually lie on a blanket, relax, and watch the kids. Bliss. But THEN . . .

beach round 2

on day three, the kids discovered the magic of waves. It started innocently enough, with the girls dipping their toes in the surf, then running away. But eventually they decided to go in deeper and deeper. So, of course, I had to go in with them, holding hands and holding a baby. So much for relaxation. By day four, we were up before sunrise and dressed for the beach by 7:30 am. So much for sleeping in. Oh well, everyone was exhausted by 10 in the morning, so we avoided the sunburn hours (and, wow, can I burn). Plus, the whole place was lovely. Simply lovely.

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  1. Playa Samara in Costa Rica had those same pools. They were awesome especially because Sophia was scared of the ocean at the time so we would just hang out in those. I love the pics too, you are truly talented!

  2. I love Nags Head...have very fond memories. In fact my oldest daughter is named for the place in Nags Head where my hubby and I first told each other "I love you". (Owen--After Owen's Restaurant--we actually first said the words on the beach, but then we had a romantic dinner there.)

    Your photos are stunningly beautiful. I've followed you for a while on Flickr but just recently started reading your blog again.

    Thank you so much for linking to my Jelly Jar Daisies blog!



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