Things to Make - Baby Toys


Okay, so obviously this post's title is something of a misnomer. When the girls were babies, I researched and bought all the baby toys and other stuff I thought we would need (and the marketing gods, whoever they may be, are GREAT at convincing new parents that you need a TON of stuff). Yet most of the time the girls preferred to play with whatever my husband and I were playing with - i.e. spoons and tupperware and cellphones. So when T (our baby) was born, I tried to dejunk somewhat and half his babyhood has been spent playing with things out of the recycling bin (milk cartons are a huge fav) and from the kitchen (he loves a wisk).

With that as an introduction, Happy 15 Month Birthday to my lovely son. And don't worry, when you're old enough to ask for toys, we will buy you toys.

Have a great weekend everyone - I'll be at the beach next week (in Nags Head, NC unless a hurricane beats me there), but I plan on posting all week so make sure to check in!


  1. what a lovely space you have here! I'm one of your flickr contacts but hadn't seen your blog yet. thanks for all the DC area tips--we've been here five years now and you still named a few that are new to me--the local exploration around here never ceases to amaze me. anyhow, thanks so much for sharing your beautiful photos and words!

  2. I'm so glad you like it! I'm trying to post every day (except weekends) so there should be lots of different ideas for places to go.



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