Things to Make (at the Beach) - Seashell Jewelry & Sand Pictures

seashell jewelry 2

seashell jewelry 1

This is probably my favorite kid craft project ever because (1) it's super easy and (2) it actually produced something I WANT to wear (miracles, miracles). Before we left for the beach I bought some leather cord (Natural Beige Faux Leather Suede Beading Cord 10 Feet Ultra Microfiber). So all we had to do was find seashells with holes in them. The girls proved themselves to be very bad at this task. On the upside, they were GREAT at finding seashells in general, so we dumped buckets of shells on the table with hopes that some would meet our criteria. And some did (YAY)!! P had fun making her necklace, but soon tired of wearing it. F, on the other hand, continues to wear her bracelet everyday (she likes the "jangling" sound it makes). And I have a beautiful necklace that I've been wearing. Sort of a cool souvenir. Or so I like to think.

beach art

For another craft project (we were there for a whole week, after all), we made beach pictures on construction paper. All that this entailed was bringing blue and light-brown construction paper and saying "why don't you draw the beach?" Then, to make it "extra special", the girls used a glue stick to attach real sand. So easy.

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  1. This makes me want to go to the beach again. Great ideas!!

  2. Great project! The beaches nearest me have very few shells sadly. I'd love to do this!

  3. Love your blog! Beautiful photos. Will try to find this book for my two kids!

  4. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks..
    beach art



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