Places to Go - Mt. Vernon (Alexandria, VA)


Two weeks ago, a good friend from high school came to town, so we visited Mt. Vernon for the day. This was my first trip to George Washington's estate (I was a little worried about how kid-friendly it would be) but our whole family will definitely be returning. Mt Vernon's grounds are much larger than I thought they would be - with gardens, huge lawns, and farm animals. We did not manage to visit the whole property (I'm especially sad that we missed the dock area).

On the weekend that we visited, the back lawn was full of families running and playing, all while enjoying the incredible views of the Potomac (though if you go, be careful, as the incline can be steep). We avoided the house tour (in my mind the words "children" and "heirloom" don't mesh), but the kids and I still found plenty to do. The girls liked looking into all the outdoor rooms ("Is that a real spinning wheel? Just like in Sleeping Beauty? Really?"). And the gardens were a hit - George Washington envisioned horticulture using only "natural fences" (see the last picture of this post). But mostly, the kids just ran and ran (there was plenty of room to do so). The estate has a sit-down restaurant AND a cafeteria (great for children). Children under 6 are free and although the adult admission is a little steep at $16, if you live in the area it's probably worth it to purchase an annual pass for only $25. Potomac Riverboat Company also offers tours by water.

All in all, a great place to visit.



  1. Yay! One of my favorite places on earth. I love that your photographs are of the beautiful little random corners and not the expected picture of the mansion's facade. Lovely!

  2. Thanks so much! I actually tried to get the facade, but with the bright sunlight it was just a disaster, so I decided shadows would work better.

  3. Mount Vernon made the blog!!!! Yeah!

  4. Maria - Of course it made the blog!! And since you left, the girls have made me read them Strega Nona nonstop. over and over again. F knows every word. Come back soon!



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