Things to Make Tuesday - Construction Paper Ice Cream Cones


I'm not ordinarily a fan of "cutesy"-type art projects. First of all, I feel like the girls make enough of these at preschool. And, second, the girls become bored with them much faster than with free-form type projects (i.e. playdough, goo, painting pumpkins, etc.). But a few weeks ago, I was reading High Five magazine to the girls and it described how to make construction paper ice cream cones. We already had all the raw materials. And F REALLY wanted to make some, so I couldn't say no.

Luckily, construction paper ice cream cones ended up being a really easy project. For the ice cream, I used a cup to trace circles onto construction paper and then I let F cut them out. For the cones, I drew triangles onto brown construction paper (freeform, that's why they look so crooked). Then, F decided to make sprinkles on the ice cream scoops, using the Do-A-Dot Rainbow Art Set (Set of 6) of markers that a friend gave her for her birthday. The best part about the do-a-dot was that T could also use them, thus he felt "included." And, while the kids "created", I made dinner. Yes, I managed to make a whole dinner with no screaming, no crying, and no whining. So thank you very much High Five magazine. Thank you very much.



  1. We might have to try this one! We painted pumpkins this weekend before Lyle carved them. It was so much fun. Soren just likes me to pour out the paint so we had a very colorful pumpkin. Love the pic of T!

  2. Great minds think alike! :) Those ice cream cones look like fun. Maia is always drawing cupcakes and other goodies then cutting them out for me. She'd love to make some do-a-dot ice cream.



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