Things to Do - Duplicate the Last Birthday Party


My daughters are thirteen months (and two days) apart in age. Though my husband and I didn't exactly plan it this way, for the most part, their close proximity has ended up working out extremely well for our family. They really are best buds, whenever F has a school project where she has to list her best friend or favorite thing to do, the first person mentioned is always P. As an only child, this makes me so so happy (and a little jealous).

The one time of year that I do not love the fact that they're so close in age is birthday party season (October and November). Having to throw two children's birthday parties in two months just seems cruel. As documented in this post, in October we celebrated F's 5th birthday at Hidden Pond Nature Center. After which P INSISTED she wanted the exact same party for her 4th birthday. At first I fought this, I kept projecting ten years into the future when I will hear "even my birthday party was a hand me down?" But then I decided this was not the battle I wanted to pick, especially when it would be so easy to throw the same party twice. And all went well. Luckily, the weather held, so the kids could "fish" again. And this time everyone had the opportunity to try on a "snake sweater." P seemed a little overwhelmed by all the attention (unlike F who glammed it up for her party) - I think this may be a middle child thing? And, at P's insistence, we did order a different cake - we moved from princesses to Barbie, is this progress? I'm not sure, but at least Barbie usually works for a living.

Oh, and if you're wondering about the pinata. P INSISTED that she did not want one at her party. Even after I PROMISED it would work this time, she stated that pinatas are not to be trusted, "they're just too tricky."





  1. Great pictures!! And so cute about pinatas being "tricky"! :-)



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