Places to Go - The National Arboretum (Koi Pond, Azalea Gardens, & Bonsai))


Last week we met some friends at the National Arb to check out the azalea gardens. Unfortunately, we arrived a few weeks early, as most of the blossoms were just beginning to form. But luckily the kids had a fantastic time running through the gardens, checking out the koi, and playing in the meadow (more pictures of this on Friday). They especially loved the small pond that's surrounded by azaleas, and I love the benches and great views next to the pond.

As you may have heard, due to funding shortages the arb has considered limiting the size of its extensive azalea collection. For now, the arb has put the decision on hold, but it is requesting donations and commentary - click here to share your views and here to share your money. If you've never been, the azalea gardens are truly breathtaking, especially at peak bloom times (though NOT stroller-friendly, despite the fact that many of the other gardens do accommodate strollers). We love the arb and go there often (click here for a past post on the Capitol Columns and Fern Valley).


(The girls have started choosing their own outfits. The results have been, well, interesting. I'm trying to hang back and not say anything. "Trying" is the key word in that sentence).

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