Things to Read - 10 New-to-Me Blogs Worth Checking Out

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So here are some new-to-me blogs I've been digging lately. Yes, I just said digging. And I'm 35, how sad is that? Anyways, back to the topic at hand, drum roll please . . .

1. Folkloric - some photos, some artwork, always beautiful.

2. The Slow Life - Lots of great links to all different sorts of (southern) art.

3. Bluebirdbaby - This blogger threw a Mad Men party, if that isn't reason enough to read it then check out her wonderful links and gorgeous photos.

4. Go Fug Yourself - Because sometimes (especially when I have gross child-related stains on my clothing) I enjoy seeing celebrities look like crap.

5. Little Red Workshop - A 365 blog with great photos and stories.

6. Trula Kids - Lovely photos. Lovely projects. I wish I could sew . . .

7. Under the Pecan Tree - One of the great things about blogs is the access it gives you to so many different cultures and perspectives. This blog about life in a Kibbutz is full of wonderful stories and artful links.

8. Tales of an Unlikely Mother - If you want to read a wonderfully written mom blog about day to day life with kids, this is the blog. Sort of a "down in the trenches" account of parenting. Oh, and its author gave me an award (YAY!!!), which made my week!!

9. Paper tiaras - Kid stuff. Lots of really great kid stuff.

10. The Chocolate Muffin Tree - This new(ish) children's craft blogs has lots of simple (cheap) projects.


  1. Thank you very much. I also really like reading your blog.

  2. Thanks for mentioning me! I will check out the other blogs too (Trula I already know and love!).
    Have a nice day.



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