Things to Do - Make a Grateful List (March 2011)


1.First Aid Kit's Big Black & the Blue

2. Blackened tilipia fish tacos (Cooking Light)
3. Pork Posole (Cooking Light)
4. Wasabi almonds (thank you Alison)
5. Weight Watchers's baked chicken
6. Dinner with Meredith and Daryll at Liberty Tavern
7. MNO at Twisted Vines

8. F saying "today was a good day, P" (my dad used to always say this)
9. P and F memorizing the student creed in tae kwan do and earning their patch (at first, P acted as if the memorization was too "tricky" for her, but as soon as F got her patch P memorized the creed and got her own patch) and T punching and yelling "Ahya" whenever we go to tae kwan do
10. F's photos of my dad, "see mom, i have grandpa's photos right here, so if you start to feel sad you can look at my photos and remembering him will make you feel better."
11. F and P VOLUNTARILY donating half of their princess wardrobe (but don't worry, we still have A LOT of princess clothes)
12. Friday 10:30 Bodysculpt with Wendy (so hard, yet so so fun)
13. P's marathon phone conversations with Grandma T
14. MY NEW LENS - Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 L USM Lens for Canon Digital SLR Cameras - wow, truly amazing. just amazing.
15. F (who keeps working on learning to read) telling me "Mom, reading stories to you is going to be on of my favorite things to do."
16. T's favorite words - apple, mama, dada, bubba [bubbles], baba [bottle], did ewe [thank you], ome [as in "dada home?"], ack [his friend Jack], isters [sisters], sit, up, ball, wa wa [water], ead [head], at [hat], oes [shoes]
17. T recognizing and pointing to key body parts
18. Family games of Memory
19. Being listed as one of Circle of Moms Top 10 Creative Moms
20. Apples to Apples Party Box - The Game of Hilarious Comparisons at Alison's house
21. The people who helped me change my flat tire (nicest strangers ever, so so kind).
22. The Shirlington library librarians (nicest people ever)
23. The craft fair at the neighborhood elementary school
24. My shiatsu massage at Spaworld (wow it hurt, but afterwards my back felt the best it has felt in years)
25. Dan working over 300 hours in March and still making us Sunday dinner and breakfast (baked chicken for dinner and crepes for breakfast, so good)

The Girls' Lists:

F - fashion shows (homemade), constellations, art class, backrubs, planning our upcoming Disneyworld vacation

P - my family, art projects, my monster doll, flashlights, playing with my friends



  1. Great list, I think counting blessings is one of the best things to do! I'm really crushing on the 50mm lens and it's on my to buy list. What are you liking the best about it? Just curious.

  2. Hahha I love that first photo. So funny and adorable! I love how your kids love playing on the couch and they line up in such an adorable manner! :)

    Belly B

  3. Smoothpebble - Re: the 50mm - it's fast which is nice (though much heavier than I expected it to be), the color and focus are just spot on, really beautiful. I thought I'd like the super low apertures, but I find that I'm not shooting lower than 2.2 most of the time. Really it's just crisper than the next one down (which broke on me).



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