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This is what the kitchen table looks like when I'm cooking dinner, sometimes the mess drives me crazy, but all in all it's a pretty happy place. Hope your weekends are full of fun and random moments!! (By the way, the photograph below is of Impressionist Art (Stained Glass Colouring Books), the girls love the pictures and we enjoy seeing the light shine through their lovely creations).


*CAN'T STOP LISTENING!! (As summarized by F, "Mom, I love this song. Why can't more people write songs this good?")

*I'm in LOVE with this Best of Etsy blog, LOTS of great, reasonably priced art. LOTS. I especially like the work of photographer Joe Baran and painter Christina Romeo (link via ArtHound)

*I dream of Emily Henderson coming to my house. Dream of it. Until then, I just read her blog and try to channel her genius.

*Did you ever read Sweet Valley High books as a kid? Did you ever wonder what happened to the twins when they grew up? Well, here you go.

*Apparently we're not the only people interested in cracks in the pavement (for my "cracks" post, click here), these "yarn bombed" potholes are gorgeous.

*I love this DIY nursery on Papertiaras. I would sleep here.

*West Elm's kitchen line is just beautiful (and reasonably priced).

*If you live in the DC area and you're looking for an easter egg hunt check out this list.

*Gorgeous photo of a Chinese terraced rice field, it's hard to believe it's "real".

*Ever wonder how it would feel to raise a real-life Doogie Howser? Click here to find out.


T worked so hard at lining all those crayons up.

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