Things to Do - A Backyard Art Gallery


P's asthma has been much better this year (especially since we no longer have our cat), but at times it still acts up. A few nights ago she needed nebulizer treatments, with steroids, making it impossible for her to sleep. So we stayed up and watched cartoons until the wee hours of the morning. And P napped through most of the next day, despite the beautiful spring weather. While P slept, I set up some brushes and paint in the backyard for T and F, who had a great time creating our backyard art gallery. Well, until T decided to paint himself instead. Kids are always so fun until they aren't.


*Days worth of inspiration, right here.

*Wonderful composition and light.

*Jonathan Safran Foer's new book uses words from existing text to make a new story, the pages all have holes in them so that different words are revealed. Sounds interesting, check out pictures here.

*Wow, these are gorgeous wedding pictures.

*I love this new take on the family portrait.



  1. Hehe. I love the paint in the hair! You may not have loved washing it out, but what an adorable picture. ;) BTW, thanks for the mention! xo K

  2. ahhahahhah!!!
    This is such a cool idea!!!

    Love the pics!



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