Things to Read - Kids' Books III

Lately the girls seem to be inhaling books, I feel like we're at the library almost every week searching for more great reads. Here are some of the titles we've enjoyed lately (for past suggestions of kids' books, click here).

For Kids Age 3 and Up

The Incredible Book-Eating Boy

We're huge fans of Oliver Jeffers (Up and Down is a particular favorite) and this book didn't disappoint. P kept saying "but that's silly mom, nobody really eats books, right?" And after I assured her she was right she said, "so can we please please read the silly book again?" As for me, I like that the overall plot of the book encourages reading and learning. Nicely done.

Iggy Peck, Architect
This story of a young boy who dreams of being an architect is really well told with great rhymes (somewhat similar to Madeline), plus it's pretty funny in a way that parents will definitely appreciate.

All in a Day
This short simple book (F can read it) emphasizes the importance of an ordinary day. I love reading it on slow, boring afternoons as it serves as a great reminder about how lucky we really are.

Make Way for Ducklings
I remember reading this book as a little kid and falling in love with the little duck family that makes its home in a busy Boston park. There's something magically ordinary about the basic story, especially when the traffic pauses as the police help the ducks cross the road.

Smartypants (Pete In School)

This book (which is probably best for slightly older kids, age 4.5 and up) tells the story of a dog going to school. Don't let the silly plot fool you, it's a good read, written in a slightly snarky, sarcastic tone. A lot of the jokes (such as references to pop quizes) went slightly over my kids' heads, but they still liked reading about the "funny dog's adventure."

For Beginning Readers

We Are in a Book! (An Elephant and Piggie Book)

I find most beginning reader books pretty insipid. Luckily, the MAGNIFICENT Mo Willems (author of our favorite Knuffle Bunny series) has created the Elephant and Piggie series, which is quite funny (for both kids and adults). F loves reading these to us and I actually love hearing them.

The Lovable Little Misses (Mr. Men and Little Miss)

As a kid I loved the Little Miss and Mr. Men series and now my kids love it too. The vocabulary is pretty basic so (with a little help) beginning readers can get through them (plus they aren't too long).

What about everyone else? Read any good kids' books lately?


  1. I really like the incredible book eating boy. the bite out of the last page has made a big impression on my kids.

  2. Thanks for the ideas. We started reading Judy Moody. My kids are loving it.

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