Things to Make - Bouncy Balls


I originally bought a DIY bouncy ball kit from Target as a child's birthday party gift. But then one of my kids got sick and we skipped the party, so I figured we'd try the kit ourselves. I wasn't expecting much, but this project ended up being awesome (I need a bigger vocabulary) and so simple. You just pour the powder into the mold, then stick the mold in water for about a minute, let dry and you have a SUPER bouncy ball. We made these while T napped and the best part was seeing him wake up to a tube full of balls. At first he kept hiding them behind his back, as if scared the girls would take them away. But once he understood that he could play and play, he became quite a happy little boy. Similar kits are available through Amazon for under $10 - Make your own Bouncy balls - craft kit makes 12 balls and MegaBrands Super Bouncing Ball Activity Kit.


*Bad Hausfrau has a great tutorial on how to use a specific solvent to make art projects out of old newspapers and magazines. The results are pretty cool.

*These glass block jello snacks are so pretty, plus I'm one of those dorks that actually likes jello.

*Wet on wet watercolor painting

*I love the Artful Parent's flower box idea (using real flowers and contact paper). I really want to try it.

*A great tutorial on using painters' tape to make patterns on fabric.

*Rolling pin stamps.


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  1. I made a ton of this!!! I bought it at the museum and it's so much fun! :)

    Belly B



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