Places to Go (Vacation) - Charleston, SC - Part II - Sullivan's Island Beach. The Third (and Final) Stop on Our Roadtrip of the South.


We spent the last day of our vacation at Sullivan's Island Beach. We originally planned on only staying for a few hours, but once we arrived the girls made friends with some local kids and it felt so nice to lie around and do nothing for awhile. Plus the beach itself was beautiful, with small sand dunes that the kids used to play hide and seek. T refused to go near the ocean, but he collected several sticks and played with the sand. So we spent the whole day there. Despite numerous sunscreen applications, poor little P became the victim of her first real sunburn (unfortunately she has inherited my pale skin).

After we arrived back at the hotel, we met a women who babysits for the hotel by the elevators. Turns out she wasn't booked for the night. So Dan and I had a wonderful date walking around Charleston's gorgeous waterfront park.

The next day we packed our bags and drove the LONG 9 hours back to Arlington (we broke up the drive by stopping in Richmond, VA at my in-laws house for dinner, which was lovely). We arrived home around midnight, full of that weird combo of relaxation and exhaustion that a vacation with children always brings. The next morning Dan went to "office" and I tried to do laundry while the kids complained that they're "bored already." How many days left of summer?


*What a gorgeous toddler toy (I sort of want to play with it myself). And for older kids these look awesome.

*Back to the future - definitely check these out, they're pretty cool.

*This print is just beautiful.

*Vogue magazine 1965-1975 - I can't stop looking at these layouts. I can't stop. Wow, Cher really was gorgeous.

*I LOVE this picture.

*Planking?? This actually sounds kind of fun.


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