Places to Go (Vacation) - Disneyworld, Part III - The Animal Kingdom. The First Stop on Our Roadtrip of the South.


(Cutest giraffe ever.)

On our third day at Disneyworld, we took the bus to Disney's newest park, the Animal Kingdom. Boarding the bus I had vague hopes that since the Magic Kingdom was SO CROWDED maybe Animal Kingdom would be emptyish. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Luckily, I had poured over maps the night before and created a plan. So upon arrival, we hightailed it to Africa in order to get Fastpass tickets for Kilimanjaro Safaris. Then, while waiting for our Fastpass time to arrive, we strolled through the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail. Animal Kindgom is basically a big, luxurious zoo with some rides (many of which are for older kids). If this seems a little lame to you, remember that what Disney does it usually does pretty well, hence welcome to the most fabulous, incredible zoo on the planet. Everything is just beautiful. And the little "towns" make you feel as if you're really somewhere else (minus all the American tourists). It's quite a site to behold. But if you ask me the true highlight of Animal Kingdom is the Kilimanjaro Safari, even my mom kept saying "how did they do that?" Unlike most Disney rides, the safari is lengthy (approximately 15 minutes) and there are animals EVERYWHERE. The ride is so well-done that it's easy to forget that it isn't "real." All in all, it's probably the best attraction in Disney world.

After Africa, we mosied on over to see the animals of Asia on the Maharajah Jungle Trek. Unfortunately, we never made it to Dinoland as we were pretty hot and sweaty and tired. But of course we couldn't leave without adopting two new stuffed animal pets - so Baby Simba and Baby Molly welcome to the family.


The tree lady was fascinating. She really did blend in at first, until we saw her face we couldn't tell what was going on. T loved the bird map, I'm not sure about the birds, but he definitely loved the map.

Parker kept hugging the bug. Like a long last friend, though I'm not sure she's ever seen A Bug's Life (Two-Disc Collector's Edition).

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