Places to Go (Vacation) - Savannah, GA, Part II - Ellis Square Spraypark & The Waterfront. The Second Stop on Our Roadtrip of the South.


The girls and I spent the afternoon at the splashpark/water feature in Ellis Square while T napped (we stayed in a suite at the Inn on Ellis Square, which was incredibly low priced for a great location, I highly suggest it). The girls "splashed" over an hour, plus the water feature was quite lovely - the synched fountains made it look like the water was dancing.

By early evening, F had her PJs on and was ready for bed, but Dan and I REALLY wanted to walk on the waterfront so we dragged (yes, dragged) F out of bed and watched the big boats for awhile (seriously, so so big) as the late evening sun surrounded everything in a golden glow.



*The Fresh Air Fund is looking for volunteers this summer. Sounds like a great charity, click here for the info.

*I know we just returned from vacation, but I really want to go here and here. Maybe one day.

*Lots of strawberry recipes. Lots. Click here (we made the strawberry shortcake popsicles using fresh-picked strawberries from a friend, wow they were yummy). In case the first list wasn't enough, there are hundreds more here.

*Funny (actually I'm not sure funny is the right word, but I can't think of a better one. suggestions?).

*I love this photo. And this series of photos. And this photographer.

*Maybe getting old isn't so bad after all, this lady looks like she's having the time of her life, of course I'd be happy too if I had her house.

*Asparagus/lemon/goat cheese pasta = yummy.

*Beautiful, inspiring photos and words.


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