Things to Do - Make A Grateful List (May 2011)


1. Treme: The Complete First Season
2. Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self by Danielle Evans
3. Passionate Nomad: The Life of Freya Stark (Modern Library Paperbacks) by Jane Fletcher Geniesse
4. Modern Family, Season 2
5. Death Cab for Cutie's Codes and Keys
6. The Chopin Waltz in E flat

7. Fried pickles
8. Lebanese Taverna market (wonderful food and it sells Crunchie bars)
9. Lazy dinners of smoked sausage, baguettes, and brie cheese

10. T making us "pasta" in his kitchen (he calls all food he makes pasta)
11. Johnny our "pet bat" (i.e. backyard pet) (F made up tales about him and his whole family)
12. P always saying "oh bother!"
13. BronzedBerry (mobile spray tan - how awesome is that?)
14. Overnight mail (for when you forget your son's favorite blankie in a Charleston hotel room)
15. F's nature collection
16. T spending most mornings trying on the whole family's shoes
17. Playing "mixed up land" with the girls ("And where is the bat prince you speak of?")
18. The Memorial Day Weekend Sunset Celebration at Mount Vernon
19. Front loaders and mixers outside our house for almost a week, while they fixed the water pipes in the road (T was enthralled by the trucks).
20. Getting drunk with the mongolians for Saruul's birthday (oh the mojito)
21. T mowing the lawn (with his toy lawn-mower)
22. R&B Air Conditioning repair (same day service on a 97 degree day when everyone else was booked for the week)
23. Going to bed in a super-hot house and waking up to a cool (and wonderful) morning breeze
24. "Mom, let's go on a nature walk" (all three kids)
25. Visiting good friends (Laurie and Jon & Amy and Jon)


1. The car train
2. P & F's enthrallment while watching the Main Street parade
3. Buzz Lightyear's ride
4. F on Thunder Mountain "mom, it was SO COOL!"; P on Small World "I love dollies, I just love them. I wish for more and more dollies!"
5. Fireworks over the Magic Kingdom
6. T saying "more rides, more rides" over and over.
7. The safari ride in Animal Kingdom
8. P saying at the Haunted Mansions "that's not real, that's just batteries, right?"
9. Dan's Disney dinners - baked chicken and sausage pasta
10. The Forsyth park playground (Savannah, GA)
11. The squares of Savannah (Savannah, GA)
12. The Disney sleeper sofa (shockingly comfy)
13. A double rainbow over Marion Square (Charleston, SC)
14. The Ellis Square fountain/splash park (Savannah, GA)
15. A whole day on Sullivan Island beach (Charleston, SC)
16. Oatland Island's alligators (Savannah, GA)
17. South of the Border's Indoor Reptile Exhibit (a much needed cheesy roadstop in the Carolinas)
18. The bouncy slide in Marion Square (Charleston, SC)
19. Finding a babysitter for our last night in Charleston and taking a walk in the riverfront park
20. Dolphin sightings from Sullivan beach (Charleston, SC)


F's List - Thunder Mountain, Small World, my family, my Simba doll, visiting Auntie Laurie and Jon, rainbows, bouncy slides, Disney World, the zoo, the pizza kitchen at the (National) zoo, playing with my friends, Mrs. Dog, reading books, nature

P's List - Johnny the bat and his family, cuddles, my family, pajamas, packages from Grandma T, my friends, art projects, dollies, Small World, fireworks, the beach, the sea, Auntie Laurie, playing mixed up land

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