Places to Go - Great Country Farms (Bluemont, VA)


A few days after we returned from vacation, three of our favorite people flew from Denver to visit us. P quickly referred to R as her "new best friend" and the two of them became inseparable for the rest of R's visit. At first F felt left out, but she cheered up after deciding to take on the role of baby caregiver. And all was good. C and I stayed up late into the night, drinking wine and talking about everything we could think of.


As I've mentioned before (click here to see my past post), we're big fans of Great Country Farms (which is sort of a like a playground, amusement park, petting zoo, and farm combined), so we decided to bring our old friends to our newish hangout. Luckily, the weather agreed with us - sunny and about 80 degrees, it doesn't get better than that. The girls had a wonderful time jumping on the huge pillow and T "drove" huge cars for long periods of time (I don't even think he noticed that the "cars" contained slides). And of course, we picked some fruit (I'll have pics up on Wednesday), cause it is a FARM after all.


I love the bunny hut. I could probably spend all day just watching them dig holes and chill out. But then the kids remembered the bouncy pillow and away we went . . .


So just when I thought that princess dress outings were a thing of the past P decided to surprise me with this ensemble. Oh well, farms need princesses too. I guess.

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  1. This place looks awesome! Too bad we just missed the pancake festival - we are REALLY into pancakes right now!



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