Things to Do - A Week Of Rain


It rained all last week. Constantly. A sunless week. Navigating the rain proved tricky at first, especially with kindergarten beginning. Since we walk F to school now, I had to master three raincoats, three umbrellas, and three wet little people. Though at first we felt like hostages to the weather, eventually we all adapted. The girls road bikes through the drizzle while T and I splashed in puddles. Dan continued to ride his bike to work, arriving home soaked but happy.

On Friday morning, while both girls attended school, T and I explored the trail next to Long Branch Nature Center and watched newly-formed waterfalls cascade down the hills. Despite the downpour, T turned to me and said "I like this mommy. I don't want to go home." And neither did I. The world always looks so beautiful in the rain, you notice the oddest little things - different shades of green, the reflection of rocks on the pavement, the sound of trees.

During law school I lived in London for a semester and last week brought back memories of that time, how it felt to carry an umbrella everywhere, sometimes showing up at places soaked to the bone. It felt oddly good. And the pubs always seemed more special, more intimate, when you knew there was a storm outside. Some days it seemed like the weather created instant friendships, as we'd stay to drink a little longer, hoping the downpour would end.

Thursday night I met a new friend out for drinks and we had a great time talking and watching the rain fall outside the restaurant. We discussed how nice it would be to have a monthly gathering of area bloggers. Anyone interested? Let me know. Rain or shine, it would be nice to meet some of you in person.

Happy Monday everyone! I'll have pics from our vacation on Mackinac Island up tomorrow.


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