Things to Make - Swirly Stones


Honestly, this was one of my favorite craft projects ever. Watching the crayon melt onto the rock was mesmerizing, I couldn't stop coloring (nor could the girls), though this activity is NOT appropriate for toddlers, so we waited for T to nap before we began. Here's the scoop:

1. Find rocks. We went on a rock scavenger hunt through the neighborhood, but we only found a few. Luckily, I had a bowl of decorative rocks (from Ikea) that we used. Though in retrospect I think this project would work best on "found" rocks as the decorative ones were really shiny, so the crayon didn't show up as well.

2. Bake stones in the oven on a foil-lined pan for ten minutes at 225 degrees.

3. Remove stones from oven using a pot holder (be careful they are HOT!!) and place on paper.

4. Color on the stones using old crayons (with the wrappers removed) watch the wax melt onto the rock.

5. VOILA beautiful swirly stones!!



*Tape resist art. Looks fun and easy.

*Lego stamping - this looks so fun, I wish I would have thought of it myself.

*This little paper dollhouse is the cutest thing ever. And a link to the PDF makes it easy to make your own.

*An indoor retractable clothesline fort. Genius.

*Fairy houses made out of milk cartons. I love it!

*I really want to make our own root beer. Has anyone ever tried it?

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