Places to Go - United States Botanic Garden (Washington D.C)


Two weekends ago one of my best friends came to town, with her adorable baby and wonderful husband. We spent an afternoon at the United States Botanic Garden - watching the kids run outside, visiting deserts and hawaii inside the conservatory, and frolicking in the kids' garden (fountains rock!). If you've never visited the gardens are truly beautiful and very kid friendly. Plus, the American Indian museum across the street now has an entire kids' room - ImagiNATIONS - with a huge teepee, a stick house, "passport activities" and an impressive library - which entertained my children for a half hour or so.

All exhibits in both locations are FREE (as is street parking on Sundays) and stroller friendly. If you want to visit, the gardens are open from daily from 10 am to 5 pm, click here for more info. The same hours apply for the ImagiNATIONS exhibit.


Pumping the fountain was the highlight of T's week. He couldn't stop talking about it "and then the fishy went SPLASH!!!" P opted for gardening. I love the kids' garden.


Um, P "sleeping" on the blue fountains. She beats to her own drum, that's for sure.


*Spike Jonze interviewing Maurice Sendak - "My books are about children, not for children particularly. Childhood is a hard story and that comes from my own experience – I did not have cruel and demented parents, I had very unhappy parents and there was a big war and there was a Holocaust. What does a kid make of that – ‘Gee, when I grow up, is that the way the world is gonna be?’ I can remember my father pulling me out of bed and dragging me down the street where people were jumping up and down shouting ‘The war is over! The war is over!’ and I remember seeing these scenes of dead people in the streets. How do we rationalise it? I think life is barbaric. So, my interest is really – how do children survive the barbarism?"

*7 Obscure Children's Books by Famous "Adult" Lit Authors - Gertrude Stein? Aldous Huxley? Who Knew?

*An interesting graph of gay rights by state. VA made me cringe.

*A new Lonny to satisfy cravings for decorating porn.

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