Things to Make - Mail Carrier Bags and Superhero Capes

Usually I post about things that the kids and I make at home. Not because I think all of our projects are the best out there (I assure you they are not), but because posting about making things keeps me motivated to make things (sort of circular, huh?). But occasionally other projects come along that must be shared. So here goes:


1. Mail Carrier Bags - When I picked P up from preschool all the kids kept showing off their mail carrier bags. Their excitement was over the top, like Xmas. The teacher made the bags using small lunch bags and these simple instructions. She told the kids they could decorate them, but the kids were too excited about the envelopes, sticker/stamps, and stationary on all the tables at preschool. The kids spent the morning "writing" letters and delivering them to their friends' cubbies. They loved it.


2. Decorate Your Own Superhero Cape - At a birthday party a few weeks ago the kids decorated their own superhero capes. The mom bought the capes here and gave the kids fabric markers to decorate them. F can't stop wearing her cape. Or should I say Super F?

What have you been making lately?


  1. love the decorate your own cape -- i think we've got a super hero bday party in the works, too ....

  2. We haven't been making much of anything except sidewalk chalk drawings. We are prepping for our 3 year old's b-day party and I think you've just solidified our super hero theme with the "decorate your own cape" bit!

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