Things to Do - The Story of a Blanket

(Spring 2008)

Four years ago, when F was 2.5, she carried her pink blanket everywhere. EVERYWHERE. often wrapped scarf-style around her neck. Eventually blanket enthusiasm waned and when we brought baby T home from the hospital F passed her favorite blanket onto him. These days an almost 3 year old T carries F's old blanket - now named "pink sheet"- everywhere. Pink sheet comforts him during tantrums, soothes him before bedtime, and shuffles with him during dance parties. It has become a family member.

Last week, at the national arboretum, a teenage boy approached T and told him about his own childhood blanket. The boy looked wistful as he spoke of it and I wondered if T would one day tell a similar story or if pink sheet will become forgotten, along with so many of the other moments and possessions that currently occupy our days.

Happy Friday everyone!!

(Spring 2012)


  1. So sweet!! While it's impossible to save everything from the kids' childhoods, this one is worth keeping! :-)

    FWIW, my mom kept my brother's beloved "Green Blanket," and it's still awesome in it's dirty, full-of-holes, special kind of way!

  2. Such a sweet story. We have things that we passed on too- although from mother to daughters (my old toy-elephant, my doll) and father to daughters (a small cushion)...



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