Things to Do - Around the House (April and May 2012)

Sometimes the best days are lazy days. Funny how your definition of "lazy" changes once you have kids.

untitled (28 of 28).jpg

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05.16.12 (15 of 17).jpg

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04.20.12 (13 of 16).jpg

Art on the porch and bunnies in the yard. "Look mom I draw spaghetti!" - T

05.05.12 (9 of 19).jpg


Homemade forts.



No training wheels. Unlike in the movies (where the dad gives the kid a push and everything clicks), this is taking a lot of work.

05.16.12 (7 of 17).jpg

My little ponies for show and tell. P's a little obsessed.

05.23.12 (3 of 4).jpg

Pajama playdates.

05.23.12 (47 of 49).jpg


untitled (1 of 22).jpg

Moving on.

What have you been up to lately?


*40 of the most powerful photos ever taken. Get your tissues ready.


*Loving the pictures on ledansla lately, especially all the pink and blue buildings.

*Curating is the new criticism. Interesting interview. (via Something Changed).

*For Mad Men fans - Christina Hendricks dishes on Joan's big decision.

1 comment:

  1. I love your pictures! But it must be easy to take such great pics when you have such adorable subjects. :)

    We had our first NOVA sprayground trip ever...I have been looking longingly at them since I moved here, thinking about how great it would be to have a kid and have an excuse to run around in the spray on a hot day. Turns out she thinks they are a little more traumatizing than I imagined...



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