Places to Go (Vacation) - Beach Hiking at Torrey Pines (San Diego, CA)


Last week, one of my best friends from law school was in San Diego, CA for business, so I decided to fly in and visit her for a girls' weekend. The flight east proved somewhat cumbersome (due to a missed connection they rerouted me through San Francisco) but eventually I arrived. I always feel so virtuous when visiting the west coast, as I'm up three hours early and asleep by 11.

Anyways, we had a fabulous time - Octoberfesting and beach-going, along with a blissful spa day (thank you, Therapie, for making our weekend that much better). On Friday, we spent our morning/afternoon hiking through Torrey Pines State Reserve and admiring the amazing scenery.

During law school I applied for west coast jobs and Dan applied for east coast jobs. Once we started seriously dating, he (obviously) won the "where should we live?" debate. But still, whenever I fly past the Mississippi river, I feel a twinge of sadness for our "almost" life on the Pacific coast.


I meant to take more photos of C and me, but I'm not very good at remembering to turn the camera inward (I still have not mastered the selfie). So here we are looking sweaty and (somewhat) tired, not exactly the best photo. But still, it was so good to see one of my best friends again!

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