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darcytroutman_october31 (1 of 2)

darcytroutman_october31 (2 of 2)


This week for Cherish This Day & The Stories We Tell we're posting costume photos. Since I still don't have pictures of the kids in this year's Halloween assembles, I went through my archives for some old favorites. Doesn't T look so little?

Now click on over to Cherish This Day & The Stories We Tell to see this week's photos - lots of fabulousness today (and, yes, according to Urban dictionary fabulousness is a word; albeit a debatable one).


* If you live in the DC area and are looking for something fun to do tonight, this Chinese acrobat performance looks amazing. There will be candy, toys, a photo booth with props, and children are encouraged to attend in costume. Also, the venue is offering half-price tickets for all children up to grade 12 on Halloween night.

* Room 3201 - I love this series of photos.

* These gluten-free, vegan donuts look yummy (really).

* "Adelaide, born in Brazil in 1921, bore sixteen children, fourteen of whom lived into adulthood," Ellyn Ruddick-Sunstein explained on Feature Shoot. "After the bankruptcy of her husband’s grocery business, she supported her children by selling cakes. In her old age, it has become difficult to walk, and she no longer practices yoga. Her days are spent sewing and reading. She enjoys crossword puzzles."

* Each one just gets better and better.

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