Things to Do - Grateful List (September 2014)

(This month I'm actually IN the photos. yay!!)

* Reading What Ends
* Watching the Up series (I finally finished 56 and Up)
* Watching America Ninja Warrior and Project Runway after school with the kids
* Watching Punky Brewser (Youtube) and The Cosby Show, Season 1 (Hulu) with the kids
* Reading Big Breasts and Wide Hips: A Novel
* Watching Searching for Vivian Maier
* Watching Hateship Loveship
* Watching Blended (I really really liked this movie, with all of it's rom/com silliness)

* Udi's gluten free bread
* Ledo's gluten free pizza (no, we're not gluten free, just gluten light)
* Drinking apple-ahh-ritas (they're so bad they're good)
* Lunch at Mitsam with Julia
* Carry out from Taylor Gourmet (so so good, though NOT gluten free)

* The kids and their cousins checking out the boxes at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum's Q?rius exhibit (they could have spent hours in there)
* Silver Spring's Maker Faire with friends
* Muderella with friends

* My new Canon EOS 5D Mark III (full frame sensor!!)

* Family games of Catan Jr.
* Our grade school mascot
* 3 nights of drinks with friends (dinner with my blogging friends, neighborhood wine night, and our neighbors' annual back to school shindig)
* A new season as a soccer mom
* Free video streaming from ClickAway
* My new blond(ish) hair
* Freya making lunches for our whole family every morning (This. Is. Awesome.) she even asks her brother and sister what kind of fruits and snacks they want (plus she cuts the apples into little slices and adds lemon juice so nothing turns brown).
* Dan (sort of) letting me pick out clothes for him (FINALLY, it only took 9 years of marriage for him to make this step).
* A nice mechanic (I didn't know such people existed)
* Sewing class at G Street Fabric (I made a totebag!!)

VACATIONS (Girls' Weekend San Diego, CA)
* Hiking Torrey Pines State Park
* Extraordinary Desserts (even the salad was excellent)
* Therapie Day Spa
* Octoberfest at Coronado Hotel
* Feet in the ocean


F - school starting, an amazing teacher, soccer games, my family, a nice house to live in and food to eat

P - playdates with Laney, my teacher, taking the dog for walks, soccer practice, that we won our first game, my family

T - liking the 1st week of school, playdates, my new teacher, soccer, my family,

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