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F has an amazing teacher this year. Actually, we've been really blessed in that none of the kids has yet had a bad teacher or even a mediocre one. I keep holding my breath, as I know sooner or later the wrong fit will come along, but so far, so good. Anyways, one of the things F's teacher, Ms. C, keeps teaching the kids is to add "yet" to the the end of negative sentences. For example, rather than proclaim "I'm not good at sports", one should say "I'm not good at sports YET." (Sort of like the fortune cookie game where you add "in bed" to the end of every fortune, but this version is kid-appropriate).

After learning about the power of "yet", we keep trying to use the word at home. It's funny how the kids adopted this new vernacular quite easily (as kids are prone to do), but as an adult it really does change your perspective. I am no longer the non-athletic parent, rather I'm not athletic YET. It's not that I don't understand common core math, I just don't understand it YET. And most importantly . . .

I'm not a morning person . . . YET.

With this in mind I've woken up a little earlier in an attempt to photograph our mornings. Because one can always change. Really.

HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE!! Don't forget to check out the week's wonderfulness on Cherish This Day.


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Coco would like the world to know that she remains a morning couch potato or at least she hasn't given up couchland YET.

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