Things to Do - 12 in 12 (February 2015)

I ended up taking these photos on Wednesday, February 11th instead of the 12th, just because I was feeling motivated. And the day before Valentine's Day is always something of a madhouse with the kids and crafting (actually, this year the whole week before the holiday was somewhat crazy).

february (1 of 12)

8:00 am - The kids woke WAY before me, in order to get some extra valentines made before school.

february (2 of 12)

8:30 am - We are redecorating our front room and the kids have made one of the boxes into a vacation home.

february (3 of 12)

8:45 am - Walk to school.

february (4 of 12)

9:00 am - 1:15 pm - Work on blogposts and a few other projects.

february (5 of 12)

1:25 pm - Today is an early release Wednesday, so pick the kids up from school. T comes home with a coolio new ring.

february (6 of 12)

1:40 pm - Best friends must be photographed.

february (7 of 12)

2:20 pm - F spends the whole afternoon making personalized valentines for every kid in her class. EVERY KID.

february (8 of 12)

3:00 pm - The boys play videogames for awhile.

february (9 of 12)

5:00 pm - Sister bonding over the ipad.

february (10 of 12)

6:00 pm - This is what the table looks like before dinner. The girls valentined ALL afternoon.

february (11 of 12)

6:30 pm - I'm on a juice fast, so the kids and Dan have junk food dinner. The kids are ecstatic (Dan, not so much).

february (12 of 12)

7:00 pm - Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day for family movie night in our bedroom. (Have you seen this yet? It's actually pretty funny, Dan and I liked it much more than we thought we would).

So that was our day, don't forget to click over to Not-So-SAHM and Where the Watermelons Grow to see what they did on February 12th.

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