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This week was full of soccer practice and homework. How was your week?

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* Julie Blackmon continues to amaze and amuse me.

* I really want to visit this local "secret".

* NPR's SXSW playlist.

* It's amazing how creative this guy can be with a pen cap. And a fortune cookie. And pieces of popcorn.

* This book sounds good. And I really want to see this movie.

* Have you seen these wedding photos? I now dream of visiting Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats (link via A Cup of Jo).

* This Washington Post travel article is making me dream of Rio - secluded beaches, mountain hikes = wonderfulness. And after I check out Rio, I really want to see these hanging flower garden art displays in Japan. And then I'll stop by Kansas because this roadtrip of randomness looks awesome (who doesn't love really big rocks and crazy statues)?

* I read an article describing Enchanted Forest as a coloring book for adults. I think I might buy myself a copy (serenity now). Maybe I can convince all three kids to work on it with me.


  1. I want Enchanted Forest and Secret Garden, the companion book. They sound so relaxing. Thanks for the link love! Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. Ah so much yes here!!! LOVE Julie Blackmon. and I WANT THAT COLORING BOOK. I think I have it buried on a Pinterest board somewhere and thank you for the remind!! Omg 'It Follows' I just read another blurb about it and Andrew and I so so so want to see! Hopefully I won't have a pants accident, ha ha ha :) xo



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