Things to Make - Speech Bubble Magnets

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We experienced a FREEZING COLD February this year. The type that needs to be capitalized. Usually when snow falls in Virginia, the white disappears within 24 to 36 hours, leaving one to question if they just imagined the whole thing. But this year snow is everywhere. Grey, tire-stained, city snow. Last night I couldn't even find the curb to put our garbage cans on.

And with snow comes snow days and two hour delays (ha! I rhyme!). And my solution to it all - MAGNET TAPE.

Seriously, have you ever used magnet tape (tape similar to the one we used can be found here)? This stuff is awesome. Doodles become art.

I finally ordered some prints of last year's photos, so we decided to make speech bubbles to go with them. And then create a rotating gallery of funny on our refrigerator. And T made everyone a wizard because wands really are sort of awesome.

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Wizards make everything better.

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