Things to Do - 12 in 12 (March 2015)

This month I ended up with 17 photos. Culling is hard. And March 12th felt like spring, which necessitated a few extra pics.

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8 am - Role out of bed and wake up to F writing an ipad book about Marie Curie. I feel lazy already.

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8:15 am - T lives on yogurt and Dan lives on eggs.

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8:30 am - T on the couch "reading" History Safari. As I eat breakfast he yells out, "Mom, all the people in this book are men and they all have mustaches. Why is that?" I have no answer, so I continue eating breakfast.

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8:45 am - P, as always, is late.

[Insert morning of errands not worth photographing - kickboxing (Jessie = best instructor ever), Target, the vet (for Coco's prozac), and an eyebrow wax.

Spend afternoon watching Kirsten Lewis's modern storytelling photography lecture on Creative Live (pre-recorded) and editing a client session.]

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4:00 pm - Pick kids up from school and head straight to the playground. The weather is too amazing to stay inside.

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4:30 pm - Still at the playground.

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4:45 pm - T drilling for oil.

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5:15 pm - F does homework.

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5:30 pm - P and T greet our neighbors while playing outside.

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6:00 pm - Walk back to school for the book exchange (and free pizza). It makes me really sad that all three kids are now too old for Ladybug Girl.

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6:30 pm - Texting from the book exchange, so goes parenting in 2015.

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6:45 pm - Playground, round II.

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twelve (23 of 24)

7:00 pm - Walk home.

twelve (24 of 24)

8:45 pm - An exhausted T falls asleep before 9 pm.

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