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This Untamed Life
is posting "anticipation" images today. So I thought I'd share some photos from Peak Experiences, the climbing gym outside Richmond that the girls and I visited while spending the weekend with their grandparents.

I find some climbing gyms rather snobby, as if catering to children is somehow beneath them. But this one was wonderful, the people were so friendly I wish I would have climbed myself (hopefully next visit).

I figured I'd switch it up this week and post links on a Monday. Because Mondays sometimes need some randomness.

And don't forget to click over to This Untamed Life - lots of great images and stories this week.


* Speaking of climbing gyms, has anyone ever been to Climb Zone? It looks awesome!

* Masters of photography with their most famous images (so cool)!

* This looks so so healthy/yummy. As do these easy crockpot meals.

* I want to be . . . (love these quirky photos of kids being kids).

* SO. MUCH. AMAZING. INSPIRATION (so excited to see Cherish This Day photographers on the list).

* I'm in love with this house.

* Mothers and daughters.

* A Year in Trees. Isn't this the most peaceful, beautiful image? I wish I could make this my screensaver.

* YES! "And I wouldn’t redo my life in any way, even if I could. I think it’s important for people to know there are all kinds of paths, and all kinds of ways to live a life, and all kinds of things you can begin as you age. And so here I go, leaning toward my fifites, hair greying, wrinkles gathering, experiences accruing, insights accumulating, joy abounding."

* A book tank (literally).

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