Places to Go (Vacation) - Our Crazy Crowded Beach House in the Outer Banks, Day 1

We spent last week on vacation in Nags Head, NC. Our beach trip for the week of Memorial Day has become somewhat of a tradition (click here and scroll down to see previous trips) and each year the group becomes bigger and bigger, causing us to rent larger houses as the years go on.

This year, for the first time, our house came with a pool. On the upside, the kids loved it. On the downside, most of them never touched the beach on our first night in the Outer Banks. We might as well have stayed at a Holiday Inn in the middle of nowhere.

Oh well, even if several little feet didn't touch the sand on the night of our arrival, at least the sounds of the ocean accompanied the noise of twenty-one screaming children (yes, you read that right TWENTY-ONE children - aged 10 through 2). I never thought adulthood (with three children in tow) would feel like a frat party, but we cranked up the volume much louder than the 20-somethings staying next door. I guess this is 40 (or at least the last 7 months of 39).

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The house wasn't ready until 3 pm, so we spent the morning running through the dunes of Jockey's Ridge State Park. There's nothing like cartwheeling through fields of sand.

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Our floor looked like this within minutes of arrival, proving that my children can clutter a room at lightning speed.


The beach that the children chose to ignore.

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Why swim in the ocean when a not-very-hot hot tub is next to your bedroom? (Well, because it's the OCEAN, but apparently this is not how children see things.)

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Our unplanned bar. By the end of the week, only triple sec remained.

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I might as well just call this "the hot tub post."

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Corona, cheetos, and sun glasses by the pool - this pretty much summarizes everything.

day1 (24 of 33)

Pac Man was sort of a big deal. As he should be.

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It's like feeding an army.

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Dan, finally, chill-axing at after a crazy busy work week (his big case settled at the last minute, allowing him to come to the beach with everyone).

day1 (31 of 33)

So that summarizes Day 1, I'll post a few more pics in the next few weeks.


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  1. I began laughing out loud when you said this should be 'the hot tub post' - every other year we go to Eastern Washington, where this a lake, a pool and a hot tub - my kid only wants to be in the hot tub. this all looks like it was funnest (totally a word) thing ever!



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